About Us

Lake Travis Crisis Ministries is an all-volunteer, ecumenical, Christian, outreach mission that provides food, love, prayer, financial assistance, and encouragement to those in crisis in the Lake Travis area.

The foundation of the ministry is based on the following the example of Jesus to “love one another.”

We strive:

  • To meet short-term needs by giving immediate help of food and financial assistance to those in a crisis situation.
  • To meet long-term needs by encouraging participation in education, classes, support groups, job assistance, financial and personal counseling.

The Lake Travis Crisis Ministries was born in 1988 as a food pantry,  to provide food assistance to single mothers.   It was known as the “Crisis Closet”, as the entire food supply was stored in a large walk-in closet!  The Ministries really grew in size and the ability to help people when the Ladies of Charity opened the “Thrift Shop.” The Lake Travis Thrift Shop proceeds, with help from local churches, individuals, and organizations, helped the Lake Travis Crisis Ministries grow into the organization it is today!

Although Lake Travis Crisis Ministries began as a food pantry, now we are able to assist with food, rent, utilities, day care, insurance, car expenses, clothing, some medical and prescription expenses, heaters, and fans.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, with the goal to serve our clients with dignity, compassion, love, and respect.  It is a very hard thing to walk in our door and admit you need help with food or financial assistance!  We understand how difficult that must be.  We strive to make everyone feel welcome, and as comfortable as possible.

We are governed by a Board of Directors, many representing area churches.  Our current board members are:

Dorothy Boddeker
Gaytha Braun
Mark Braun
Carol Cook
Sue Ellen Martin
Marty Miller
Carol Nex
Carolyn Parsons
Paloma Rodriguez
Bickford Shaw
Mary Whitaker
Pam Wolfe, Board President